Your XIZOZU™ Stories

Customers Share:

Trigger warning: Some of our customers have experienced unfathomable situations. Please be aware that certain stories might be upsetting and difficult to read.

When my husband died unexpectedly, I stopped breathing too. I thought I’d never be able to breathe again. only feeling I felt was pain. All I could do was sleep but not in our bed, on the couch. I slept for days. It was months before I was able to hear his name and not collapse into my grief. People tried very hard to make me feel better and I appreciated them trying to support me. I wish they understood that I couldn’t be automatically pushed back into happiness and that pretending I wasn’t hurting only made me hurt more. It took me more than a year to get to a place where I wasn’t always anchored down by my grief. My sister gave me a XIZOZU to honor his passing and when I touch it I feel just a little closer to him. Thank you for that. There are still days when it feels like work to put one foot in front of the other but they’re less and less. And there are some days when I can see him with my heart, and I smile instead of weep. 

Barbara in Maryland

I was sexually assaulted by my boss my first week at the job. I didn’t tell anyone because I really needed that job and I was afraid he would fire me. (I’m a single parent)  That was five years ago and I’ve been promoted three times so that we’re at the same management level now. Thankfully we work in different buildings and I don’t have to seem him. I wear my XIZOZU as my reminder that no one else will ever have power over me and that I control my life.

J. in Ohio

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