Unpresidented. | The XIZOZU 8

This week’s eight things that are worth sharing with friends

Issue #7: Unpresidented.

There is something about the office of the president that rises above the mere men (so far) who’ve held the post. Let’s cheer for the storied lore and ideals of our nation this week – and thank those who ARE trying to improve the state of our states!
  1. BE THE CHANGE. Because I know how important and challenging public service is, let’s honor those who step up! Claim your XIZOZU™ medal right now for: Running for Public Office and Holding Public Office. And what about you rebels: Marching in Protest, Organizing a Rally or Protest. (Keep fighting for injustice!) And let’s not forget Volunteers who donate time to these causes and campaigns! See below for deep savings on these and other XIZOZU™.
  2. FOREFATHER FUN FACTS. Imagine my surprise upon learning that I, at a whopping 125 pounds, weigh 25% MORE than our 4th president.
  3. REMEMBER TO BREATHE VOTE. But here are tips for staying sane till the mid-terms. You might try This and That.
  4. HEADS OF THE CLASS. Who wore the smarty pants?  Next week we’ll list who kept them on!
  5. DON’T GIVE A TWEET. Of all the people you COULD follow on Twitter, we instead recommend: The provocative and compelling art of emotions by @avogado6 or for fun follow the hashtag #Iwantanemoji. Better yet, spend less time in the twitterverse altogether and train to tackle some real issues.
  6. ALONG DINNER PARTY LINES. Check out these tempting past-president recipes. Spoiler alert: They’re not courting vegan or gluten-free voters!
  7. HISTORIC DATESPresidential Marriage Proposals.
  8. FIND COMFORT. When politics and world events get too overwhelming, do what I do, console yourself with chocolate. It’s bipartisan.
Till next time,