Supporting Those Who Support Others

I need your help.

The response to XIZOZU has been overwhelmingly encouraging; I can’t express how much that means to me. Thank you.

The big news (and where you come in):

Going forward I’ll be donating $1.00 per medal sold to a deserving registered non-profit that deals with the subject matter that medal represents. This is the XIZOZU way—to support others in both attaining goals or overcoming hardship.

I need your suggestions for organizations I should consider.

XIZOZU medals span such a wide range of themes and issues, I need help identifying worthy support groups and agencies, small or large.

So let’s have it! Who should I know about in any area that interests you?

Please list some of your favorite causes in the comments – include a website link if you can.

Thank you so much!

Ps. I recently learned that “ZOZU” means THRIVE in the Lugbara language spoken in Uganda! And that’s what this is all about: SHE-ZOZU!



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