Press Release: Designer Creates Life Medals that “Double” As Jewelry

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Designer Creates Life Medals that “Double” As Jewelry

A local designer has created a unique, bold line of jewelry honoring all the aspects of a woman’s experience—from life events that are magical, like buying one’s own home or starting a business, to some that are unthinkably tragic, like experiencing sexual assault.

Christine Glade, of West Pawlet, Vt., has created XIZOZU (pronounced Shē–Zō–Zū) Medals of Honor that empower women to publicly honor all the most significant parts of their lives, but to do so in secret.

“I created XIZOZU so women could honor every part of their complicated journeys.” Glade explained. “It’s often the hardships and challenges we surmount that have the most lasting impacts, that change us the most. XIZOZU lets women acknowledge and draw strength from those times.”

The medals are intended to remind women of what they have achieved or overcome. Some mark events that they can’t or won’t discuss publicly. Pregnancy loss, for example, is deeply traumatic. After a miscarriage, many women are drenched in grief but expected to return to everyday life as though it never happened. XIZOZU medals let women let women embrace their experiences publicly while keeping their meaning private and close to their heart.

Other medals, such as living with depression, PTSD, attempted suicide, and battling eating disorders all aim to give the wearer a totem for strength and a constant reminder of their own resilience.

When asked if some of the pendants celebrated trauma, Glade responded. “No. XIZOZU are not monuments to horrible times or damaging events. They are testaments to the wearer’s emotional and physical strength. They celebrate the triumph in overcoming or living through a life-altering tragedy. There are women who have gone through such difficult times and unspeakable situations that getting out of bed each day is a victory. Now they have a medal.”

Each of the almost 200 different pendants contains a coded inscription in a written language that Glade designed. The messages are encapsulated in hand-poured resin. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, they are intended to be worn in clusters on a necklace or keychain.

Even though XIZOZU focuses on the female experience, two of Glade’s early sales were made to men. “I shouldn’t be surprised,” Glade said. “Both hardship and hard-earned achievements are part of everyone’s life journey.”

Still, Glade says she will concentrate on women’s life issues.

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