The Nudge I Needed

I’ll be honest – launching XIZOZU™ has been among the most rewarding and the most challenging projects I’ve ever undertaken. The times when doubts creep in and I wonder…is this really a thing?…are thankfully few, but the second-guessing does happen. Then I get an email like this…


My XIZOZU arrived yesterday, it was a gift from my mother-in-law and I haven’t taken it off. It’s like a source of renewable energy that I can draw from whenever my grief weakens me…I love that no one else knows its meaning. People just think it’s beautiful. I do too. Thank you. Thank you.

M. in Massachusetts

…and I know exactly where my path is leading. Thank you universe.

Recovery’s Many Roads

Helping Furthers Healing

Sometimes the best way to nurture our own healing is to put our energy into finding ways to help others. This can take so many forms, from volunteering with support organizations or just sitting and being present with someone who needs to not feel alone.

Because sometimes that person is us.

Thrive Where You Are Planted

“Wherever you go, there you are.” There’s probably not a more important statement to live by. The only thing constant in your life is you. Locations change, situations change, people around you change. But only you can be you. Here. There. And everywhere. And the best way to make the most of who you are, is by being where you are. Thrive where you are planted

Same Road, Different Journey.

I was reminded over the weekend that even when we share a path with others, be it a partner or a tribe, we each experience it differently. We bring to it our personal collection of memories and expectations, and we take from it the elements we choose.

This is wonderful.

And this is troublesome.

Or at least it felt that way until I realized the differences are just the nature of being.

Then it was wonderful again.Inspirational quote about inclusion and diversity

Keep Digging

Finding the courage when life gets challengin

Everyday someone is struggling to face the challenges in their past or their path. If you keep digging you’re going to unearth your strength.

It’s there. Keep digging.