Intentional Jewelry for Indestructible Women.

Your life is full of triumphs and tragedies.
XIZOZU help you shine through both.

XIZOZU  is one-of-a-kind jewelry that honors your personal journey—however complicated it might be—so you can process, heal, and ultimately celebrate how indestructible you are.

“You have created something that absolutely touches a chord in every woman alive…” —B. (USA)

“I absolutely love what you’re doing here. And these pendants are an amazing way for women like myself to feel proud of our will to survive without having to write what happened across our foreheads. It’s a beautiful first step to allowing the world to see our story. For that, I thank you.” —P. (South Africa)

“I locked the door and saw my XIZOZU. Started the car and there they were. It’s like mini meditations all day long!” —L. (USA)

Intentional Jewelry for Survivors and Recovery

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XIZOZU™ lets you find strength, protection, and comfort. They help you celebrate the mighty woman you are. It’s not just a random charm or bead on a chain. Each one specifically represents your unique journey.

You might wear yours as

A unique emblem of your courage,

an embrace from a loved one;

a celebration of accomplishment;

or an uplifting nudge to help you keep going as you create the life you want and deserve.

Every XIZOZU carries an authentic message that’s directly connected to you, and is infused with all the intentions that will help you stay strong and vibrant.

XIZOZU connects each of us to the universal experience of being a woman, yet means something different to everyone who wears it.

What will it mean to you?

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My Medals, My Path

Sarah. Another Indestructible Woman. Expresses herself with a XIZOZU Tattoo.

As of this post more than a half dozen women have had XIZOZU™ Tattoos designed; at least three of them have already had them inked. We are incredibly honored to help people express their strength and healing in such a personal, artful way. Sarah, our latest Indestructible Woman, talks about what moved her to get …