XIZOZU™ Medals of Honor

Here’s a list of the medals that have been made or requested and will be available as XIZOZU™ Medals of Honor via the XIZOZU Etsy Shop. Not all of the medals listed here have been uploaded to Etsy. If you want one that you can’t find on Etsy – just let me know and I’ll make it available!

“They’re not just beautiful, they’re meaningful.” —R. in North Carolina

Current XIZOZU Medals of Honor:

I overcame my heroin addictionI am a single parentI held a person through they're death
I overcame my cocaine addictionI got out of a bad relationshipI delivered a stillborn child
I quit drinkingI am happily marriedI lost a child
I quit smokingI was/am a foster parentMy parent passed away
I have been sober sinceI am a parentMy partner passed away
Nevertheless, I persistedI am a step parentMy spouse passed away
I don't let my situation break meI lived in foster careMy brother passed away
I earned my doctorateI divorced my wifeMy daughter passed away
I graduated CollegeI divorced my husbandMy father passed away
I graduated high schoolI chose to not have childrenMy mother passed away
I earned my masters degreeI was orphanedMy sister passed away
I made amends to someone I failedI declared bankruptcyMy son passed Away
I got out of debtI have experienced homelessnessI lost my infant child
I bought my own homeI identify as BisexualI lost a child through miscarriage
I work to be physically fitI live with chronic painI've acted as a surrogate mother so others could be parents
I am professionally successfulI'm separated from my grandchildren
Heck yeah, I'm a feminist!
I own my businessI battle my weightI left an abusive/toxic woman
I held public officeI am battling breast cancerI left an abusive/toxic man
I am a veteranI have survived cancerI am saving my virginity
I was addicted to heroinI am living with terminal illnessI am a volunteer in my community
I beat my addictionI have had anorexiaI have spent time in prison
I organized a rally or protestI struggled with bulimiaI spent time in jail
I ran for public officeMy disease is in remissionI am an undocumented immigrant
I've been physically or emotionally abandonedI am unable to have childrenI am a refugee
I've experienced a deep betrayalI live with mental illnessI lost someone to suicide
I've survived a violent earthquakeI chose to have an abortionI've attempted suicide
I survived a category hurricaneI identify as homosexualI endured physical abuse
I lived through a tornadoI identify as heterosexualI have been bullied
I marched in ProtestI identify as transsexualI was wounded in war
I am a war veteranI identify as homosexualI am a survivor of incest
I am an adoptive parentI identify as transsexualI endured sexual abuse
I was adopted as a childI am an illegal immigrantI survived rape
I placed my child with an adoptive familyI identify as queerI survived a sexual assault
I raised my siblingsI have broken a bone(s)I kept my promise
I raised myselfI live with heartbreakI live with chronic illness
I raised my grandchild (grandchildren)I am an immigrantI am a domestic abuse survivor
I ran in a marathonI finished a marathonI am a caregiver

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“I’m so proud to wear your necklace as a reminder of what I have gone through and overcome without it being a walking billboard advertising it—lol—so I really appreciate the thought and consideration behind what you do!!!” —Etsy Customer