Who Is Ruthie Lindsey

Depression, injury, loss of father, prescription pills addiction, divorce are all things Ruthie Lindsey has facedA month or two ago, while distracting myself—um, I mean—while diligently researching something on Vimeo, I stumbled across a film production company’s video about a woman I’d never heard of.

It was a touching short film featuring speaker/stylist Ruthie Lindsey. In it, she revealed the many challenges she’s faced in her seemingly magical life. Beginning with a horrific car accident in high school, she describes moving from one dark period to another dark period, and then… well I won’t give too much away because it’s well worth watching.

As I followed her story, I found myself mentally checking off all the XIZOZUs this one brave woman had earned: graduation, severe injury, depression, addiction… By the end of the film the count topped ten and I decided I’d make a set of all of her medals the next time I was at the bench.

Then, as life on the Internet can be, when I tried to find the video again to remind myself of which medals to make, it had vanished. It wasn’t anywhere on Vimeo or YouTube or her website.

I had no choice but to make all of the medals that Ruthie Lindsey deserved from memory.

As I was making the XIZOZU, (which is always a deeply meditative time for me) I was struck by how remarkable, yet universal, stories like hers are. How life is so often a complicated tangle of tragedy and triumph. How even when we’re feeling alone, or that no one understands our grief or circumstance, there are others who have been there. There are always others. And they can help. You just might not be able to tell from looking a them.

The video has reappeared and is now posted on her about page. Watch for yourself.

If I can track her down in real life, I’ll send these to her. Including a custom XIZOZU (the white one) that is based on her inspiring, beautiful, nowhere-near-perfect, perfect life.

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