We Made Our First Donation!

Jes Foord Foundation Supporting Survivors of Sexual AsaultToday is an exciting day! Today we made our first contribution to one of the selected non-profits in our XIZOZU Cares & Shares program!

Jes Foord Foundation in South Africa received R$400 South African Rand (approximately $32 US) to help with their important work in community education and post-trauma support of rape and sexual assault survivors.

Why was Jes Foord Foundation selected as the first recipient?

Jes Foord Foundation was designated the first recipient because, sadly, in the last quarter the most often ordered XIZOZU™ pendant is one that honors sexual assault survivors. It’s heartbreaking that so many women have faced such a traumatizing ordeal and can claim this medal.

South Africa continues to have the highest incidence of rape in the world. When I visited a woman was raped every 16 seconds. Yes, Seconds. That’s pretty insane. We almost canceled our first trip because of that statistic alone. I am so glad we didn’t.

Even though the number of reported rapes in S.A. is slowly declining, the number, estimated to be 42,596 in 2016, is still unacceptably high. And we know that a large portion of rapes go unreported, in EVERY country. So there’s no effective way to quantify the incidents, but frankly, one rape is enough to demand action. Here’s a thoughtful piece from 2015 in The Guardian that highlights the some of the hurdles specific to South Africa.

Today we honor the Jess Foord foundation’s continuing efforts to comfort, support and educate, and sent our donation with the deepest appreciation and gratitude.

We’d be happy to permanently retire this medal, and will do just that, the instant there’s not a single woman who can wear it.

Thank you all, XIZOZU™ wearers from around the world. YOU made this donation possible. You are the best!

Remember for every XIOZU™ you order up to $1.00 goes to a worthwhile local, national, or international organization dealing with some of the world’s toughest social issues. Here’s the complete list.

Unique survivor jewelry for sexual assault and rape survivors
XIZOZU™ honoring the survivors of sexual assault.

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