Aaaah Grasshopper.

How mentoring pays off.After the phone call ended I sat on the steps of my back deck thinking about all the topics we’d just covered: internet commerce, SEO, website design, form & function; then art and making stuff; and finally, and just briefly: relationships, motherhood, and divorce.

Ultimately I steered my thoughts back to the first part of our conversation—the intended part and purpose of the call. I replayed the ideas we brainstormed to workout production bottlenecks. I re-heard the parts where we discussed platforms and approaches; matrices and wireframes. Out-sourcing versus hiring. Avenues for growth.

Then it struck me.

The voice on the other end of the line wasn’t the voice of that sixteen-year old who had repeatedly knocked on my design studio door begging—no really—badgering me for an internship all those years ago. It wasn’t the voice of the young woman who later worked for me during web design’s most excruciating yet exhilarating years. Those voices, while still hers, were only faint whispers in my memory. Hers was the unmistakable voice of a peer—offering solid, energized and implementable ideas.

A warm smile spread across my face as I put my phone in my pocket and headed toward a flower garden that I’d been neglecting all summer.

The day your mentee mentors you, is a very #XIZOZUDAY.