Going Out of My Mind

I don’t know what your mind is like, but mine is a “what if?” mind. It’s a “how about?” mind. It’s a “why don’t we” mind. It’s a “do” mind.

If yours is that way too, you know what I mean. It’s blessing and a curse. Right?

Attempting meditation (which I’ve done repeatedly) is probably where I’ve racked up the most failures in my life. Trying to eat less cheese might be second. Of course I’ll try them both again because failure doesn’t really bother me. It’s good for me. It’s good for you too, like the occasional nap.

So yeah, my mind is always whirring without an off switch or a cord I can unplug. That mind, combined with a need—not desire—need to make things, is what led the creation of XIZOZU™.

And we all know where that led. It led me to…here. I’ll admit, “here” can be a tad stressful. Stressful in a good, challenging, satisfying way – but stressful all the same. Between the design, the marketing, the accounting, customer engagement, inventory, production planning, shipping, there’s always something that’s not getting done as quickly as I’d like. I spend days in a steady state of being two clock ticks away from freaking out.

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Celebration! Graduation!

What to give high school graduates

” They all absolutely loved their new pendants. Thanks again 😎

I just received this great photo from a happy customer. Her daughter and four closest friends—all strong, determined young women—just graduated high school. It’s a joy to help them mark this achievement and they’re unbreakable bond with XIZOZU Medals of Honor!

Good job ladies!

Grab Your Fork

Volunteer Arugula and Cilantro growing in the potted petunias

Upon arriving at the studio for a little early morning creative communion, I discovered arugula and cilantro growing among the potted petunias. (This is what happens when you use garden compost for potting soil.)

I briefly paused, raised an eyebrow but then thought, so be it.

Life’s a salad. Grab your fork.


Saying It In Secret

Sent this set to a buyer this morning.

The aspect of one’s life that any given XIZOZU™ honors is only identified on the inside of the hangtag. You can share it’s meaning if you choose. Or not.

You see, we deeply respect your privacy and are exceptional secret-keepers.

Three Out The Door

I get chills when I send out the orders I get for XIZOZU™ medals. I feel  like I am now a part, albeit a very teensy-tiny part, of another person’s journey.

These three are being shipped to different people today: a person who conquered an eating disorder in Colorado, another battling one in New York, and the third, for a person who faced harsh personal challenges in Ohio – and beat them.

I never imagined creating these talisman medals for strangers would bring me such personal joy.

Happy Customers. Happy Me.

So thankful

It’s Friday.  It’s been an insane but exciting week. The first of the “official” XIZOZU orders were sent out into the wilderness this past week.  Receiving these texts of happiness was a delight for me!

“I love how my new XIZOZU medal feels. It’s very comforting!” 

“It tickles my heart when I think of its meaning.”

“I never mentioned that chains or ropes usually pull on my neck but this choker is sooo comfy!”

The first XIZOZU Medals were delivered this week!

Knowing that XIZOZU Medals are bringing joy and comfort to those who wear them, means everything! Thank you.