how to deal with traumatic life events

Last week the two of us were having an emotionally intense conversation when she laid her hand ever so lightly on the three XIZOZU™ she was wearing, then, as if pushing some sort of activation button, pressed them against her breast bone. She lightly exhaled and as quickly lowered her hand back to the table and lifted her glass of ice tea to her lips. It was a gesture she and everyone else in the busy restaurant might have easily missed. But I got tingles.

The way she touched the medals she was wearing was so completely familiar. It’s something I had recently realized that I do often, sometimes absentmindedly as you might play with any jewelry, but often I do it with  intention, as she just had.

I especially find my fingers on my XIZOZU™ when I’m wearing specific medals. Two pendants I wear often honor the loss of my father to suicide. Those I find I reach for them throughout the day when they’re dangling from my neck and when I connect skin to metal I feel a closeness to him and his memory. It’s comforting and quieting.

I thought it was just me. I love that it ‘s not.

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Happy Customers. Happy Me.

So thankful

It’s Friday.  It’s been an insane but exciting week. The first of the “official” XIZOZU orders were sent out into the wilderness this past week.  Receiving these texts of happiness was a delight for me!

“I love how my new XIZOZU medal feels. It’s very comforting!” 

“It tickles my heart when I think of its meaning.”

“I never mentioned that chains or ropes usually pull on my neck but this choker is sooo comfy!”

The first XIZOZU Medals were delivered this week!

Knowing that XIZOZU Medals are bringing joy and comfort to those who wear them, means everything! Thank you.