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Issue #4: What’s Wrong With Me?  

Nothing. Nothing is wrong. It was a week of learning about how folks handle their self-doubts, perceived flaws and spectacular failures. Next time you’re feeling down about yourself remember: you’re not alone. Figuratively or literally.
  1. MILLENNIAL. Maybe you’re one of them and according to Simon Sinek, here’s the way to handle it.
  2. GRIEF BRAIN. It’s a thing. But it’s temporary. And you’re not alone, many XIZOZU customers wear at least one medal honoring a lost loved one as a place to direct their love or a place to find strength and comfort.
  3. YOU’RE OUT OF BREATH. You’re doing it wrong. Or I was. Here’s how to breathe specifically to relax, quiet anxiety, and even fall back to sleep.
  4. IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD. The traveling exhibit Mindful – exploring mental health through art will be at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts through April 2018.
  5. THE BLUES. We all get ’em. Make the most of it with this worth-your-time music documentary: Blues America: Part 1 and Part 2
  6. OH BURGERS! I’m a vegetarian, except for those days when I eat meat. Try this simple approach for a healthier you and planet.
  7. YAY! YOU’VE BEEN A FAILURE. Successful entrepreneurs, authors, comedians, top YouTube creators, and more share trues stories about their complete mess ups in the What’s Wrong with You Podcast.
  8. WRONG vs. RIGHT Can science determine human values? Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape is next up on my nonfiction reading list. What’s next up on yours?

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Information worth sharing with friends

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A Tale of Two Parties

Every woman is unique, her path is her own

Without making me sound like more of a party animal than I actually am, a couple of weekends ago I wound up at two local parties on the same day. Both were casual outdoor gatherings commemorating summer’s passing. Someone was wearing a XIZOZU™ medals pendant at each of them.

Confession: I still (and will probably always) get a little thrill when I unexpectedly spot someone sporting XIZOZU™ pendants out in the wild.

At the first party the woman wore three classic bronze with black pendants close to her heart dangling from a leather cord. At the second the woman wore three similar medals but closer to her neck on a black wire choker.

Those two women were as uniquely opposite, at least on the surface, as two females can be, as were the medals the wore.

Yet they were both quite similar too. Both were equally and rightfully proud of what they had accomplished.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The first woman’s set honored overcoming challenges, the second woman’s  set celebrated meeting them. Similar results, but with a small but significant difference.

Sometimes we choose our challenges, like deciding to run a marathon or buy a home. Here we need to focus our energy and summon our discipline to achieve these things.

Other times challenges appear in our paths uninvited, and we have no choice but to find a way through, or around them. Those hardships and traumatic episodes require us to fight for our selves, in the truest, deepest meaning possible, physically or mentally.

In each case, the work is hard. In both cases they deserve medals.

So do you.

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Going Out of My Mind

I don’t know what your mind is like, but mine is a “what if?” mind. It’s a “how about?” mind. It’s a “why don’t we” mind. It’s a “do” mind.

If yours is that way too, you know what I mean. It’s blessing and a curse. Right?

Attempting meditation (which I’ve done repeatedly) is probably where I’ve racked up the most failures in my life. Trying to eat less cheese might be second. Of course I’ll try them both again because failure doesn’t really bother me. It’s good for me. It’s good for you too, like the occasional nap.

So yeah, my mind is always whirring without an off switch or a cord I can unplug. That mind, combined with a need—not desire—need to make things, is what led the creation of XIZOZU™.

And we all know where that led. It led me to…here. I’ll admit, “here” can be a tad stressful. Stressful in a good, challenging, satisfying way – but stressful all the same. Between the design, the marketing, the accounting, customer engagement, inventory, production planning, shipping, there’s always something that’s not getting done as quickly as I’d like. I spend days in a steady state of being two clock ticks away from freaking out.

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Sitting. Still.

Meditation and sitting quietly is a great way to calm your crazy inner criticMay was a wildly hectic month with an insane schedule. Between happily fulfilling XIZOZU™ orders, dealing with a forearm injury, and trying to see the end of the new studio renovation, there was zero time for posting here, or really anywhere. I have to admit I was beginning to freak out about it. I mean, I have so much to share—about the journeys I’ve been asked to honor, about new designs and partnerships!

I was getting so worked up about it that it reached a point where I was unable to take full breaths and sleep became elusive. So I sat myself down. On the floor. And tried (once again) something I truly suck at: meditation.

I didn’t set any huge goal for my sitting. I started with a very manageable two minutes. Sitting still for two minutes is an enormous struggle for me—ask anyone who knows me—but I know that I can do anything for two minutes so I started there.

And after a few days I was up to a whopping four minutes of gently prodding myself to stop thinking. To stop. And to breathe.

Spending time sitting as quietly as I could, even for that short amount of time, shifted something in me just enough to make it all fun again. And the word possible hip-checked impossible right out of my head. No, it didn’t change my crazy schedule or lessen my professional or personal demands but those few minutes each day of striving for absolutely nothing helped me realign everything.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed I strongly recommend turning EVERYTHING off, including yourself, for just a few minutes.

Me? My limit is still four, but I am letting that be enough, for now.

Keep Digging

Finding the courage when life gets challengin

Everyday someone is struggling to face the challenges in their past or their path. If you keep digging you’re going to unearth your strength.

It’s there. Keep digging.