Sitting. Still.

Meditation and sitting quietly is a great way to calm your crazy inner criticMay was a wildly hectic month with an insane schedule. Between happily fulfilling XIZOZU™ orders, dealing with a forearm injury, and trying to see the end of the new studio renovation, there was zero time for posting here, or really anywhere. I have to admit I was beginning to freak out about it. I mean, I have so much to share—about the journeys I’ve been asked to honor, about new designs and partnerships!

I was getting so worked up about it that it reached a point where I was unable to take full breaths and sleep became elusive. So I sat myself down. On the floor. And tried (once again) something I truly suck at: meditation.

I didn’t set any huge goal for my sitting. I started with a very manageable two minutes. Sitting still for two minutes is an enormous struggle for me—ask anyone who knows me—but I know that I can do anything for two minutes so I started there.

And after a few days I was up to a whopping four minutes of gently prodding myself to stop thinking. To stop. And to breathe.

Spending time sitting as quietly as I could, even for that short amount of time, shifted something in me just enough to make it all fun again. And the word possible hip-checked impossible right out of my head. No, it didn’t change my crazy schedule or lessen my professional or personal demands but those few minutes each day of striving for absolutely nothing helped me realign everything.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed I strongly recommend turning EVERYTHING off, including yourself, for just a few minutes.

Me? My limit is still four, but I am letting that be enough, for now.

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