#Resist. And the BIGGEST way the Women’s March changed my life.

A medal honoring those who stand for justiceI’m supremely excited to introduce #Resist!—a special, limited edition XIZOZU™ marking the one year anniversary of the historic Women’s March that took place last year on January 20th.

My boots were on the ground in Washington, DC that day but people came together everywhere— in cities big and small from Boston to LA, and in countries throughout the world. The experience not only changed something inside of me, but it actually changed my life. How? That day also represents the beginnings of XIZOZU™.

In the long and laborious process involved in birthing XIZOZU™, you could point to  the Women’s March as the day my water broke. Conception was years earlier than that, and the hard work of pushing out an actual product was still months ahead, but it was there on the streets of our nation’s capitol—alongside hundreds of thousands of inspiring people—that XIZOZU™ Medals of Honor ceased to be a vague idea tumbling around the back of my brain. It became something beautiful, concrete and alive.

Inspired by the Women's March, the XIZOZU #Resist pendent stands for justice and inclusiveness.Surrounded by people who are probably a lot like you, with unique and meaningful personal stories, I wanted to give a medal to nearly every person I met. I wanted to honor their achievements and, as importantly, recognize their struggles. When I came home, I figured out a way to do that. And the rest is as they say—her story. (Read more about the connection here.)

Needless to say I am pretty excited to honor both those who stood up that day and XIZOZU’s early beginnings with #Resist— a  XIZOZU™ that expresses all of our relentless determination and commitment to justice. A medal that reminds us that we must:

#resist the inclination to ignore what does not directly impact us
#resist fearing what we do not understand
#resist judging entire people based on the actions of any single person
#resist turning a blind eye to injustice
#resist surrendering to fear
false assumptions about another person based on race or gender
#resist our own resistance to change

The journey toward justice and inclusivity for all remains a long and rocky one.

C’mon, walk with me.


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