When One Person Is Five People

Bereavement and greif, how to honor the life of a loved one who has passed. Just before Christmas I received an order for five XIZOZU: Loss of Wife, Loss of Sister, Loss of Daughter, Loss of Mother, Caregiver.

I got teary. Instantly.

It was impossible to miss the far-reaching impact that the passing of this one woman had in her world.

I was glad to create medals that would be reminders of each of those sacred connections and also containers for the love that could no longer be physically expressed. I poured all my comforting energy into each of those medals.

It’s easy to forget how deeply each of us touches so many others on a given day, in a given lifetime. As I packaged the order up for delivery I whispered a promise to myself to be better about valuing each of spaces I occupy in other people’s lives. 

Have you thought about how many roles you fill in your everyday life? The list grows quickly once you start making it. Believe me.

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2 Replies to “When One Person Is Five People”

  1. I was told by the woman who placed this order that the Caregiver pendant was a Christmas gift for their hospice nurse with whom they’d bonded deeply.

    She wanted to express the family’s appreciation for her endless commitment to, and capacity for, providing comfort.

    Such a sweet gesture. More teariness.

  2. As a mental exercise I just listed all of the roles my late sister had : mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, coworker, volunteer. She left a lot of holes. Thanks for this reminder. I’m going to order a medal for my mother in her memory.

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