Nellie in Tennessee

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Trigger warning: Some of our customers have experienced unfathomable situations. Please be aware that certain stories might be upsetting and difficult to read.

I paid off ALL my credit cards!!!! Four of them! Everyone told me I should declare bankruptcy.I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to take responsibility for my actions. I had gotten into debt and I wanted to get out f it. I went to a credit counseling service and they helped me work out a budget. I worked two jobs for more than three years but I paid off every penny!!! Then I paid off my car four months early! I feel lighter than I have felt in fifteen years! I have a XIZOZU on ny keychain to always remind me of how strong and willful I can be when I want to. I am still working a second job (not as many hours as before) but ALL of the money from that job is going to a house down-payment savings account!!! I expect to buy my own home, by myself before my 36th birthday! I’ll get the Bought My Own Home medal when I do! Wish me luck!

Nellie in Tennessee

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  1. Yaaassss!!! I need to do that! I have too much on my cards. A car repair made it go up to the limit and its not coming down.

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