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Issue #6: #enough 

I’d planned to publish a very witty and timely “Presidents’ Day” post today. But that can wait. Changing our nation’s literally off-the-charts level of gun violence just can’t. Not anymore. Here are eight things you can do right now to let our government know you won’t wait either and that you demand common sense gun laws.

8 Ways you can help change gun laws.

  1. ARM YOURSELF. With data. This great video will help you focus on the facts and get the big picture.
  2. BE RELENTLESS. To reduce the likelihood of future gun tragedies, we need stronger gun-control legislation—and that power of legislation lies in the hands of Congress. (I know, eye-roll. But right now they’re all you’ve got.)
    Contact your congressional representative using this online forum. Find out exactly who represents you in Congress.
    Call them: Capitol switchboard at (202)-224-3121. Let the operator know you’re a voter who will only vote for candidates who make gun reform a top priority. Demand stronger actions to get common sense gun reform passed. Here are the 50 legislators who voted NO for making background checks mandatory on all gun sales. Start with them.
  3. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE THE LOUDEST MOUTH IS.  With the goal of cutting gun deaths by half by 2025, The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, is a on a mission to get gun control policies passed. Donations go directly to funding political initiatives, translate: lobbying Congress (you know, like the NRA does).
    Other organizations also doing important work in the fight for gun control are: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence,  Coalition to Stop Gun ViolenceMoms Demand Action for Gun Sense in AmericaEverytown for Gun Safety, and Giffords. Make your donation to whichever cause speaks to you the most.
  4. FUEL THE MOVEMENT. Get on your feet and rally. Find an event in your state and show up. Go to States United to Prevent Gun Violence. Find a grassroots gun control group in your area – they’ll know how you can get involved.
  5. LEAD THE CONVERSATION. Host your own information and action get together. Open a dialogue with friends, family, and the community about gun violence and the importance of action. The Violence Policy Center has created a how-to guide.
  6. TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN. (I know. No child should have to think about this!) There are different approaches to handling the conversation about gun violence depending on the age of your children. Dr. Gilboa breaks it down for you. I’m sorry you have to even consider it.
  7. LEARN FROM OTHERS. Other countries have tackled this. And won. Let’s learn from their successes.
  8. KEEP THE NATION IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. But do it before another tragedy, and back it up with actions.

Take Aim. Get involved. Be part of the solution.

Because I don’t want to design a XIZOZU for surviving a mass shooting.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring #enough,

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