FAQ-Your Questions Answered

First, how do you pronounce XIZOZU?

I get that question a lot. And have been told I’ve created the coolest product no one can pronounce. It’s easier to say if you remember the “XI” is pronounced “shē.” XIZOZU is  pronounced “shē-zō-zū.” Go ahead, try it: she-zo-zoo!

What exactly are XIZOZU Medals of Honor?

XIZOZU™ are beautiful and unique reminder and source of your own strength. They’re a totem or charm from which you can draw positivity and toward which you can intentionally direct your personal energy.

Do the designs on XIZOZU™ Medals of Honor actually say something?

Yes! The symbols are each designed by me using a unique form of lettering, called XIOXI a mythic alphabet that I created to be able to express complicated themes and events privately.

Doesn’t that mean, in the case of tragic events, that we’re celebrating trauma?

No. Not at all. XIZOZU™ are not monuments to horrible times or damaging events. They are testaments to the wearer’s emotional and physical strength in overcoming them.

Can I get a XIZOZU™ with my name?

No. In true XIOXIAN tradition, the name you are called has nothing to do with the person you are.

What colors of XIZOZU™ are available.

XIZOZU™ are available in black with white lettering, white with black letting, blue with black lettering. XIZOZU™ are also released as special editions in other colors, such as red or purple. Be on the look out for those releases.

What metal tones are available?

Currently XIZOZU™ Come in brass or silver finishes.

Can I have a custom XIZOZU™ created?

Yes! Together we can create a medal that perfectly represents your unique situation. Let’s get started!

Why does it take 3-5 business days for my XIZOZU™ to ship.

Each XIZOZU™ is made by hand. Once the design is created, it is then sealed three times before being permanently encapsulated in hand-poured resin. The resin can take up to three days to fully cure, depending on climactic  conditions. If a XIZOZU™ is in stock it usually ships within one day. Either way I’ll do my best to get your order on its way to you as quickly as possible!

How do I take care of my XIZOZU™?

Care for your XIZOZU™ as you would any favorite piece of everyday jewelry. And read the specific Love & Care suggestions here.

Is my XIZOZU™ Guaranteed?

Yes! XIZOZU™ are 100% guaranteed to stand up to everyday wear with minimal care. In the event something does happen that ruins your XIZOZU™ , you are covered by a 90 day replacement policy. Go Here.

I heard that part of the purchase price of the XIZOZU™ I order goes to non-profits. Where can I learn more about that?

Yes, our wonderful fans helped us put together a group of designated organizations that will received a direct contribution in support of their work for each XIZOZU™ Medal of Honor purchase. Learn more.

I have several XIZOZU™ but lost the cards that specify what each individual medal represents, how can I identify them?

That’s easy. You can just snap a photo and send it to us! Go here.

What is the difference between XIZOZU™ and XIZOZI™?

XIZOZU™ Medals typically recognize specific situations or events, while XIZOZI™ acknowledge some of the broader characteristics we each individually possess, like passion, creativity, athleticism, and many others.

How can I get alerts about new XIZOZU™ announcements and special offers?

That’s the easiest question ever. Just click the button below and join the exclusive group.

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What  if my question wasn’t addressed here.

Head over here.  I look forward to hearing from you and will respond as quickly as possible.