Press Release: XIZOZU™ Jewelry Winds Up Creating a Permanent Impression

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Designer’s Jewelry Winds Up Creating a Permanent Impression

Vermont Designer Christine Glade could only hope that her line of jewelry would be so inspiring and meaningful that it would leave a lasting impression on the wearer. She never would have guessed how permanent that impression would actually become.

When Christine Glade first designed XIZOZU Medals of Honor (pronounced she-zo-zoo) she never imagined how remarkable the response to her jewelry would be.  From the very start women began reaching out with touching notes, thanking her for creating something that marked the experiences they had been through. “The first note I received made me cry,” Glade recalls. “Because of the story it shared and the fact that XIZOZU was doing what I had intended—the jewelry was helping women celebrate, process and heal.”

XIZOZU pendants are designed to let the wearer commemorate all the aspects of their journey, but by “saying it in secret.” Using a unique alphabetic design that Glade created, each XIZOZU expresses a specific triumph or trauma that the wearer has achieved or overcome. In addition to attaining difficult goals, many women have faced unspeakable traumas that have left them forever changed. XIZOZU medals give them a way to reconcile all of their experiences and transform them all into sources of strength.

One customer was so moved by the XIZOZU she bought, she wrote Glade a special note: “I have been looking for many months for some type of personal symbol or sigil as a unique tattoo that would represent my struggles without being too mainstream, and without others having to know what it truly means. This would be the perfect beautiful tattoo to have on my arm…What you have created here is amazing. May I have your blessing?”

“Of course my answer was yes,” Glade said. “That very sense of empowerment through art is what XIZOZU is all about – no matter how you choose to wear them as pendants, keychains, zipper pulls, or, as in this case, even tattoos.”

About a month after receiving the request, Glade received a second email from that customer which included a photo of the XIZOZU design freshly tattooed along the woman’s forearm.

“My jaw dropped and I just stared at it as my eyes filled up. It was so moving to see the XIZOZU design written on someone else’s body. And it was beautiful. The real kicker was that that woman thought I had given her something. For me it felt just the opposite.”