Adoption or Surrogacy: Two Paths To Family

This thoughtful article appeared in my Facebook feed just a day after I had created XIZOZU™ medals for both adoptive families and surrogate mothers. It’s worth everyone’s time to read.

For Gay Parents, Deciding Between Adoption and Surrogacy Raises Tough Moral Questions by John Culhane

For gay or infertile couples, adoption (in all of it’s forms,) or surrogacy are the only options for creating a family. Both paths can be paved with joy, or pocked by heartbreak; sometimes both. Besides being expensive, the experience itself is incredibly complicated—emotionally and legally—with laws varying from state to state, and for international adoptions, country by country.

Regardless of which path you choose to bring a child into your home and heart, it’s as deeply emotional and long-lasting as creating a family in any traditional way.

It changes everyone.

Honor your journey.


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