Modern Meaningful Jewelry – Customer Feedback

“I absolutely love what you’re doing here. And these pendants are an amazing way for women like myself to feel proud of our will to survive without having to write what happened across our foreheads. It’s a beautiful first step to allowing the world to see our story. For that, I thank you.” —from P. via Etsy

“They’re not just beautiful, they’re meaningful.” —XIZOZU Customer

“Very powerful and beautiful art. Perfect.” —XIZOZU Customer

“I love how my new XIZOZU feels. It’s very comforting! It tickles my heart when I think of its meaning.  W. in New York

I must tell you what a great gift XIZOZU are. I put them on and went about about my day. At some point I looked down and saw them. Then it came to me. I am a superhero! After what I have been through…and no one ever needs to know but me. Didn’t realize how powerful they would be.” —Tracey in Massachusetts

“You have created something that absolutely touches a chord in every woman alive…” —B. (USA)

My XIZOZU arrived yesterday, it was a gift from my mother-in-law and I haven’t taken it off. It’s like a source of renewable energy that I can draw from whenever my grief weakens me…I love that no one else knows its meaning. People just think it’s beautiful. I do too. Thank you. Thank you. —Melody (USA)