How Can I get a XIZOZU™ Rune?

XIZOZU™ Runes are tiny totems with big messages. A single rune might encourage you to be kinder to yourself, or to value your talents, to express your emotions, or to face your fears and let go of that stress you’re holding onto. Besides their individual meaning, every XIZOZU™ Runes is meant to remind you to share your love and spirit with everyone you meet.

A lot of customers ask, how can I get a XIZOZU™ Rune? The only way you get a XIZOZU™ Rune of your own is to be given one.

We give XIZOZU™ Runes to:

  • people who inspire us;
  • people who share their photos or stories (even anonymously) so others can be inspired, and;
  • people who are nominated by other customers.

If you have a XIZOZU™ Rune, know that you’ve got something special and rare in your hands, just like what you’ve got in your heart.