Supporting Someone Who Has Cancer

Delivered two XIZOZU™ medals to our local Komen® Race for the Cure affiliate as silent auction donations for their upcoming Race for the Cure on July 22nd.

As I packaged them up I couldn’t help but wish I could do something more concrete to help the many women struggling with new diagnosis or those already well into treatment. And then I reminded myself, there is.

When we learn someone we love is dealing with cancer, it’s terribly frustrating to know there’s not a lot we can do to impact their actual illness or make them physically better. Accepting that is the most difficult part for me, and maybe for you too. But there are so many ways we can lift their spirit and help ease some of the new challenges they face. Small gestures of support from the heart are things we can easily do, often. And they help.

(This is just my small, growing list. Please feel add more ideas you have via the comments.)

10 Simple Simple Simple Ways You Can Help Someone With Cancer


  1. Deliver a freshly made ready-to-eat, or ready-to-freeze meal. Don’t be disappointed if they don’t display much interest. Treatments and anxiety can erase one’s appetite. They will surely appreciate having it the next time they are hungry.
  2. Text them when you’re heading out to run your own household errands. Ask if there’s anything they need that you can pick up for them.
  3. Gift them a new book or magazine subscription. Consider a membership to if listening to books is easier than reading for them.
  4. Give them access to your streaming movie service such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. If they already have their own service, email them a playlist of all your favorite comedies
  5. Offer to drive or accompany them to doctor visits and treatment appointments.
  6. If you’re the take charge and good with details type, offer to help them handle the doctor, insurance and recovery services paperwork.
  7. Drive their children to and from school and after school activities like music lessons or sports.
  8. Help with pet care – from walking the dog or taking the cat to the groomer.
  9. Babysit. At their home or yours. This gives them time to do anything they need to, including nap.
  10. Text or email that you’re thinking of them. A small gesture like this can make someone feel less alone. Let the know they can reply when they’re moved to, or that no response is required.

There are so many small ways we can support those facing the physical and spiritual challenges that cancer presents. Above all, just be there in whatever way that person needs you to be.


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